RKS Westbau


Full range of construction services for projects of any complexity degree. Installation of Mechanical and Electrical systems. Erection of structural steel, building's frame and structure elements of any configuration, monolithic concrete foundation. Facade works, including ventilated facades and walls.



Architectural and engineering design. MEP services for buildings, facilities and bridges. Exterior and interior design.



Complex fit-out projects, including interior and detailed design development, materials supply, installation of engineering systems and finishing works



Reconstruction and renovation are works of higher complexity that require special permits and highly qualified specialists. Restoration implies altering of the existing technical and economic values of the building, increasing its efficiency and replicating the historical look


Materials Supply

We deliver modern building materials and engineering systems which meet all strict requirements and help to enhance technical and economical indicators of the building, significantly increasing its energy efficiency. If it is within the project scope, building materials are delivered according to LEED and BREEAM requirements.


Project Support

We support you in development, examination and approval of initial planning and building permits. Engineering and condition survey of steel and concretes structures. Besides we help Architects on a voluntary basis to design entrance groups of the building, how to plan and place them in a right way, considering people flow in order to eliminate bottlenecks and other problems in the future.